Thursday, 14 February 2013

Self Destruct and Catch Up!

I suppose this post is better late than never so let's have a catch up shall we?
My last post on my blog was all about how i had managed to step up my fitness levels and on some weeks step up the amount of workout time i am doing now to before i started this new lifestyle.
I went to weigh in that week quite optimistic that i had done more fitness and my diet had gone quite well, no cheats or sneaky treats therefore my weight loss should reflect my hardwork. IT DID NOT!! I was fuming i only lost 1lb i really thought i had done far better than this but eventually i realised that 1lb off is still a loss and i should be proud of weight losses no matter how big or small.
The week following this weight loss my head was all over i could not seem to get my head in gear like i normally do after group so i seemed to eat anything i wanted including alot of naughty things which included takeaway, meals out and yes i found the Ben and Jerry's stash in the freezer so a tub of that fell in my face too. However illness also hit me i have felt under the weather nearly all week so i thought my indulgence could easily be justified with my illness. I did no workouts, not a single thing, i truly just could not be bothered to get myself to the gym, i was ill and had no energy again me thinking it would all be fine and i can write this week off. I have had these Self Destruction weeks in the past and sometimes i think i need them to keep me on track, after all if i am going to see this as a new way of life and not just a diet then throughout my life i am surely going to have good and bad weeks right?
Anyway i went to group on Tuesday still feeling pretty rubbish but knowing i needed to go and face the scales so that i could get my head back in the game and get back on track this week. I got on the scales and showed a loss, yes you read right, a weigh loss of 1/2 lb. Again i was quite mad i didn't deserve a loss and this time i was beating myself up for getting a loss at all after all i had eaten and severe lack of gym attendance. Group really cheered me up though, as they always do, and i love everyone of my "fat family" we had such a good laugh and i left feeling "on it" i was ready to get back on track with everything i had.
Normally a Wednesday night is in the gym with Charlotte however i was still suffering with my chest so i decided to skip it however i have not written off this week i have planned to get back to the gym on Friday and then i will go again on Sunday plus i have Swimming on Monday. I now need 2.5lb to get my 5 and half stone award if i stay on track this week, now im feeling better especially, i think i could pull that number, well heres hoping anyway.

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