Monday, 4 February 2013

Step Up In Fitness

This week i feel great i have really tried to stay focused on my Slimming World journey and the Food Optimsing plan. I have really tried to think about getting a third superfree foods into my meals and also trying to think out the box, by this i mean thinking what other things i can try or eat to give my body what it needs.
One of the ways i have tried this week is by increasing my fitness sessions. So this week i have completed 3 gym sessions and 40 lengths at the swimming Pool.
As the quote says above set yourself a goal and then kick it in the face, if you feel that your body can give some more push yourself to acheive that bit more, trust me it feels great. One of my main goals is to improve my training in the gym. When i first started at the gym back in October 2012 i got on a treadmill and could just about manage 3 minutes of running before i was totally done in plus 27 minutes of fast walking and also walking with the treadmill on an incline to increase my heart rate and burn those calories. My total time on a treadmill has always been 30 minutes, this gets my heart rate going so i can push on with the rest of my training. Each week since then i have tried to push myself a little bit more. I am now upto 15 minutes running in 30 minutes so basically 50% of my time is spent running. This week i have hit the gym 3 times meaning i have done an extra training session to normal weeks and i feel great. I have worked every muscle in my body from legs to core to arms and chest and i can really tell a difference. I am hoping that i can try to keep this up in the coming weeks. I also managed to run on my treadmill on an incline which really was a tough challenge but i got through it and did this for 3 minutes out of my 15, i see this now as a stepping stone, remember set the goal and kick it in the face, i can do it in time and i will. Determination really is key.
After my 3 gym sessions totalling around 4 hours i have also done 40 lengths in the swimming pool which we all know is great all body workout. Now 40 lengths is not my personal best as i know i can easily do 50 but 10 short of my best isn't too bad and i really enjoyed it so im not disappointed at all.
So tomorrow its weigh in and time to see if the scales reflect my hardwork and determination lets hope so! I will be happy to see a loss of 2lb anymore than this and i will be really happy as it all heads towards my next award of 5 and half stone.

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